May 7, 2017

Blue Sky Tag #1 from Syazana

Haaa, dah pukul 1 pagi rupenya. haha takpelah nak buat jugak. sebab esok busy.
Sebenarnya dah lama sis syazana tag saya. Tapi tak berkesempatan untuk buat entry Blue Sky Tag. Haa sekarang alhamdulillah dapat post. hehe

Okay ni first time cuba nak speaking-speaking english takpe la. campur-campur la english-malay k.. haha. First of all, a big thanks I want to say to sis syazana because tagging me to do this blue sky tag. hihi. Tak pernah pun sebenarnya terima challenge blue sky tag ni. haha. takpe #MissAcuba. haha


- Thank the person who tagged you (dah thanks dah) haha
- Answer their 11 questions
- Tag 11 people
- Give them 11 questions to answer


1. How do you start a conversation?
 - First , I will smile at the person I want to talk to and start to talk about things that I want to talk to.

2. Best compliment you've received?
- I think i didn't have the best compliment that I received until today. But I hope one day, I will received the best compliment by my love ones.

3. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
- This is picture when I hang out with my love.

4. What was the last lie you told?
 - I don't remember what the last lie I told. haha sorry

5.  If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and why?
- I would pick Neelofa because I want to felt her condition right now. Because we know that Neelofa always bombarded with gossip and so on. Plus, she is also a successful woman in business. I want to felt this way because I'm also want to be like her. Neelofa is my idol :)

6. What cheers you up?
- The things that cheers me up is watching funny movie and listen to cheering up song like Kpop Song. Plus, I am Kpop Fan. Not a fanatic fan only love to their unique song hihi.

7. Who is your hero?
- Of course my dad.haha

8. What have you always wanted?
- Success. I want to be successful person in world or hereafter. InsyaAllah

9. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
- Nothing. If  i wake up, my mind is empty. haha

10. What question do you hate to answer?
- A question that look alike sarcastic. I really hate to answer this question

11. What is your biggest fear?
- When someone act very rude to my family even my family does not do anything to them.

Alhamdulillah done answering :)
I want to tag 11 people too to. So get ready okay :)

Blue Tag Sky Challenge to awesome blogger (randomly pickup from my cbox)
1. Nadia
2. Nurul
3. Izzah Alya
5. Sya
6. Anis Nabilah
7. Hayati
8. Lea Azleeya
9. Syadiya
10. CCL
11. Izati

The questions you have to answer is :)

1. What are the things you love the most ?
2. What are the things you hate most ?
3. If you are want to surfing internet with your smartphone, what is the app you open first ?
4. List down your favourite songs (5 songs only) :D
5. If someone hate you, what will you do ?
6. If you have a big problem that bothering your day, what will you do ?
7. What is your dream ?
8. Do you want to be a popular person ? Yes Or No ? Give a reason
9. What are the idols you want to meet to ( list 5 idols only )
10. Which country in this world you want to visit ?
11. What will you do and felt, when someone you love was back-up (defend) someone which is fighting with you ?

Do it for your blog okay :) just for fun. ngeee . Hoping you can answer my 11 questions :)
If you done, don't forget to comment okay :)

Sorry for my bad english language. Sebab dah lama tinggal BI ni. huhu

20 Mankind:

  1. hahaha XD no 10 tue yg paling lawak.. btw thanks for tagged hehe xD

  2. Yeay! KPop fan!! Siqah lebih kepada K-drama fan nanye. Tapi dengar jugaklah lagu Kpop. Paling latest lagu Cheer Up tu lah. Terngiang-ngiang je kat kepala ni. Hihi

    1. hehehe. saya tak layan sgt drama. Lagu je layan. haha. betul tu. Lagu twice semua men'cheer up' kan kita kan. best sgt dengar.

  3. Thank you sis for tagging me ! I will do it soon and inform you if i have done :))

    1. yes. most welcome izzah :) okay


      Done! Jemput baca :D

  4. Thankyou sis for tagging me, I inform you if I have done ☺

  5. terima kasih sebab tag Mya.
    Mya akan cuba post ASAP ok?

    1. I've done.

    2. thanks dear. i've done read all your answer. thanks for parcipating. xoxo :*

  6. thank you for participating in this tag! <3

  7. selamat bersegmen dengan jawab soklan2 ni... happy tagging...

    - Mia Liana

  8. alaaaaa.. tak paham english.. :p

  9. Neelofa is amazing in her own way, kan..? Anyways, my dad is my hero too.. :3